Qasa Mono Solar Panel


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Qasa 20watts 12v/15v Mono Solar Panel (For Rechargeable Fans)

Product details

Have you Rechargeable fans powered up with this classy easy to install, easy to manage Qasa mono solar panel. Ideal for areas where there is minimal minimal public power. Also for all Fans requiring 12v DC power. Item can fit directly into Qasa 18" AC/DC Standing Fans, Qasa 18" Yoga Rechargeable Fans and many other fans that are not of the Qasa family.

Rate Current:- 1.33A
Max Power:- 20w
Rated Voltage:- 15v
Open circuit Voltage:- 21.6v




  • 20watts 12v/15v
  • All Fans and gadgets needing 12v DC power
  • High efficiency
  • High-quality toughened glass with high light transmittance
  • Unique technology makes the component beautiful, strong, resistance to wind.
  • Unique technology to avoid water accumulation freezing in the framework and deformation
  • Can Never expire out.
  • Color: BLACK
  • Main Material: Panel
  • Model: QSP-20w15
  • Product Line: Dabamat
  • Weight (kg): 2




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